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For Burger King's 2019 D&AD brief, they wanted a fun Halloween campaign that could bring something new to the table while holding its own among BK's classic Halloween campaigns. 


We started by watching Young Frankenstein to get into the Halloween spirit. It was pretty much game over after that.



In the weeks leading up to Halloween and the reveal of the Frankenwhopper, we'd document the King's descent into madness on social media. 


The full Frankenwhopper story on back of the bag:

It was a night just like this, except it was a way worse night. A vision of a Whopper came to the King. It looked even tastier somehow, but that was impossible — or was it? Science had come a long way, after all. The King rushed down to his laboratory to do some experiments. The result? An abomination... The Frankenwhopper! Invented by madness, made possible through science. Now that the monster has been released, you too may taste the creation at your own risk. But be warned: the only way to enjoy this terror forever is to donate your body to science.


BK would partner with the Mayo Clinic and give free Frankenwhoppers for life to anyone who proves they've signed up for the Clinic's Body Donation Program.

Packaging Copy: 

Warning: One taste may not be enough. For your creation to live on forever, you must donate your body to science. For more information, visit burgerking.com or www.mayoclinic.org/body-donation

Frankenwhopper Packaging

Social Announcement for Body Donation Stunt

Full music video

We'd upload this to BK's Youtube page and use clips from it for pre-roll ads. 

Fun promo gifs



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