Squirrel vs. Coyote is an avant-garde jewelry line created by the inimitable Alexis Devine.


After SvC's debut at New York Fashion Week as part of the TomboyX show, Alexis brought me on to create a website where both her ready-to-wear & couture designs could be showcased.

We continued to collaborate after the website was finished, with my role expanding to include writing all brand copy and overseeing product descriptions.

Update from the future:

As of 2020, SvC is on hiatus because Alexis taught her dog to talk. Tale* as old as time.


You can read the SvC brand manifesto, one of my favorite pieces, below. And the website is still live if you want to see more — just don't blame me if something's broken. :) 

*Tail. Sorry not sorry. 

Squirrel vs. Coyote Manifesto