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Working on the #WTFanta campaign was a highlight of my career because I'm a sucker for mystery flavored products and my ego loved knowing the flavor before the rest of the country. I'm petty like that.

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Phase 1: Launch

Our influencer partners kicked off the campaign with posts teasing an exciting announcement. Then, after #WTFanta hit shelves, we took it up a notch with more fan and influencer engagement as well as social posts which secretly contained flavor hints.

Launch 1.png
Launch 3.png
Phase 1

Phase 2: AR Mini Game

We created an AR mini game that fans could play to unlock flavor hints. Our influencer partners posted videos of themselves playing the game and encouraged fans to report back with the clues they unlocked.

Spoiler: I wrote hints that were intentionally vague & misleading in order to foster outrage and preserve the mystery. Sorry not sorry.

AR game.png
AR game 2.png
AR game era.png
Phase 2

Phase 3: Twitch Reveal

For the big finale, we created a web game: Multiverse of Flavor. The game consisted of four levels, each a nod to a different classic Fanta flavor. In order to reveal the #WTFanta mystery flavor, our influencer partners went live on Twitch and played until the secret was out.

influencer livestream announcement.gif
flavor reveal post.gif

Twitch Stream/Flavor Reveal Compilation Video

All credit goes to: M1 Interactive

Phase 3









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